• Individual Membership - $1,500 annually
  • Couples Membership - $2,340 annually (two individuals residing in same household)
  • Family Membership - $3,600 annually (up to four family members residing in same household)

Please call 936.537.1030 for enrollment details. Click the button below to download and print the Member Enrollment Form.

Dr. Kim​ Elliott

Becoming a Member

Working closely with Dr. Elliott, you can develop and follow a goal-centered, custom plan that incorporates your family health history, your own health status, your medications, your work life and home life, exercise habits, and your nutrition. If you want to make your health a priority, now and into the future, membership in Dr. Elliott's concierge practice can make it happen.

There is an annual fee to join Dr. Elliott's concierge practice. This fee covers the premium level of services provided, which are not covered by your insurance. The annual fee may be paid on a quarterly or annual basis. Dr. Elliott's membership fee structure is: