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Dr. Kim​ Elliott

Your health is important and the relationship with your doctor is central to your overall well-being. Having a physician you know and trust is essential to your health. ​

With shrinking reimbursements and increased administrative requirements, physicians have less time, attention and focus to give each patient. ​

There's exciting news! The concierge practice model redefines and prioritizes this relationship, providing you with the benefits you want and deserve.

In a concierge practice, YOU are the priority. Patients have direct, convenient contact with your physician, including access to same-day or next day appointments. If you have a quick question, you can reach Dr. Elliott directly, her nurse or any of the staff members via phone, text or secure on-line messaging. ​

There may be medical conditions that require additional tests, visits to specialists or hospitalization. Dr. Elliott will personally be involved and engaged, providing you comprehensive care coordination, support and guidance. ​

As a concierge practice member, you will have access to enhanced technology with secure, online communication to send and receive secure messages, request prescription refills and view your health information online - all in a private, secure environment.


Kim Elliott, M. D.

Nurse line available 24/7

Office Manager / Billing / Concierge Management:  Sarah Bankston

Appointments / Front office questions:  Meagan Davis